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Is the EYEBROW illusion  a tattoo?

The EYEBROW illusion , as its name says it’s a drawing made over the healthy skin in the eyebrow area, used to repose the absence of hair in your eyebrows, making it look as there is a dense amount of hair and redefining your eyebrow’s contour, improving the aspect of your face drastically. The Eyebrow illusion is a technique that’s part of a large number of permanent makeups. Illusion of hair can be removed, tattoos don’t.

The Word tattoo is used to refer to body art, nevertheless a big amount of people have gotten their eyebrows “tattooed” hoping that this way they will not have to do it again.
Tattoos are made with ink that is not easily removed, they also last for years and the black and brown tones used in them give the face a too-strong look that makes it look unnatural.

Regarding the changes due to aging and tendencies there is a detriment in the area close to the eyes, this happens because it’s hard to correct works that have been executed the wrong way and is this precisely what goes against your face’s appearance.

If I got myself tattooed, can I get Eyebrow illusion?

The ink used in the process of making the hair is softer than the ones used in tattoos making them seem blue and green-ish, so we do not recommend it. Tattooed people come with high expectations of improving their eyebrow appearance but range of the illusion made over an tattoo is highly reduced, therefore a diagnosis is made before the process to determine whether the existing tattoo can be improved or not.

 Does it hurt a lot?

This highly depends on the pain threshold the person possesses. The sensation you will feel is usually referred as burning more than pain; a lot of people sneeze during the execution of the process.

Do you use any type of anesthesia?

No, anesthetize is considered a health hazard and should only be used by doctors. Furthermore the area implied in the process will swell and will be difficult to determine an appropriate way to do it.

What materials do you use?

We use sterile and disposable materials that will only be used once.

How long does Eyebrow illusion last?

The Eyebrow Illusion lasts between 6 months for brighter tones and up to a year for darker ones.

How many sessions are necessary to finish the hair illusion?

Once the first session is done you will be given a manual of strict care and will be asked to come again after 15 days, to determine if there is need for a touch-up.

Do they look too dark?

During the first 4 days after the session they will appear to be darker but in 15 days the intensity will lower itself.

If I do the Eyebrow illusion, will my eyebrows look natural?

This technique is the most innovating one there is, giving more natural results than tattooed eyebrows or shaded eyebrows.

If I do the Eyebrow illusion, can I change the shape of my eyebrows?

Yes of course, with this technique you can redefine the contour, height, thickness and length.

Should I do Eyebrow illusion if I have eyebrows?

Yes it’s possible, this procedure its ideal for those girls who want to give perfection more than correction to their eyebrows.

If I have a scar on my eyebrows, can Eyebrow illusion help me?

Yes it is possible.