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Privacy Policies

Because we value your relationship with us, in Nerio Camargo we respect your privacy. Every web visit that you make is subjected to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of our website.

Through our Privacy Policy we wish to describe the type of personal information that we collect in our webpage, how we may use that information and with whom we may share it.

Through our Privacy Policy we explain the measures we take to protect the safety of your information, as well as the way in which you can access, modify or erase your personal information.

We also explain how you, as a user, can object how we manage your personal information or the reception of communications of our products and services.

  • Information we store and how it is used
  • Newsletter
  • Technologies that allow us personalize your experience in our website
  • Web Beacons and Tracking Hyperlinks
  • Website’s Cookies
  • Information we share and with whom we share it
  • Law-adherence (Law enforcement)
  • How to Contact Us

Information we Store and How It Is Used

You can choose to administer your personal information when you visit our website. For example, if you choose to complete our online questionnaire or a registration form, some personal information will be solicited, such as your contact information (name, email address, postal code and phone number), age group, gender, your interest in a particular product or cosmetic.


If you choose so, the information that you administer can be used by Nerio Camargo to create and deliver messages via email as newsletters, surveys, or other mails that contain information about our products, events, beauty tips or promotions. If you chose to receive them and then change your mind of receiving these messages, submit a query to be taken off our contact list.

If you choose to share your contact information, we can offer advertisement related services through our mailing.

Technologies that allow us to personalize your Experience in Our Website

We use diverse technologies to store information (as your web request, IP address, browser, browser language, date and time of request) on your visit to our website to improve and personalize your experience in it. For example, we can store the Internet Protocol (IP), the identification of the location of your PC or device for statistical purposes. In some cases, we can use these technologies with the personal information you have supplied to the website. These technologies can offer a variety of information such as if you have previously visited the website. It also allows saving your preferences. Each technology will now be explained.

Web Beacons and Hyperlink Tracker

The Web beacons (also called clear gifs or single-pixel gifs), Hyperlink Tracker or similar technology consist in a few lines of code that are inserted in the pages of our website. Generally, they are used in conjunction with Cookies and are not visible to our website’s users. Web beacons transmit information to third parties, such as our service provider, and can be used to track the costumers’ response towards a certain advertisement to determine better the interactive advertisement therefor improving customer service and facilitate its use. If you reject our Cookies, you will avoid that web beacons retransmit the information and thereby limit the use of some of the functions in our website.

Website Cookies

The Cookies of the website are fragments of text that are placed in the hard drive of your computer when you visit our website. You can allow your browser or your browser’s add-ons, such as flash, to notify or automatically reject the Cookies. If you reject our Cookies, you may still use this website but some functions will be limited.

Information We Share and Whom We Share It

We don’t give your personal information to third parties so they can advertise their products or services without your consent. Additionally, Nerio Camargo doesn’t sell or reveal the personal information of the visitors of our website.

Law-adherence (Law enforcement)

If it is required, we may reveal the necessary information with the means to abide to any law, regulation, jury or governmental solicitation. Additionally, we may reveal information when it is necessary to avoid physical damage or financial losses or in relationship to any illegal activity or an activity that is presumed to be illegal.

Underage Users Privacy

If you are under 18 years old you may navigate our website. However, you may not share personal information. For example, you may not register in our website. This website is not designed for people under the age of 18; therefore we do not store such information. If case if we determine that we have received a minor’s personal information, that information will be deleted from our accounts.

Removal and Preference Management

You may choose if you wish to receive our emails. You may change your preferences anytime by clicking “cancel subscription” or send us an email to 

Security Measurements

The information contained in your Nerio Camargo user account and in your profile is protected by password, this way only you have access to your personal information. Please, try not to share your password. In the emails that you receive without notice or that you have requested, Nerio Camargo won’t ask you for your password. Please, remember to log out and close your browser window when you leave Nerio Camargo’s website; especially if you are using a computer from a public place. Nerio Camargo does not assume the responsibility for the inadequate use that the user makes of the password and data.

Contact Us

If you have any question or concern about our Privacy Policy or its use, you can contact us via our system.