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Terms of Use

Read carefully these Terms of Use before using this website. By using this website, you are accepting your agreement to these Terms of Use. In case of being in disagreement with any of the points, do not use this website.

Nerio Camargo (the website) reserves the right, under their sole discretion, to modify, alter or anyway update the Terms of Right at any moment. By using this service after these modifications, alterations, or updates have been done, you are agree to abide to the new modifications. The website reserves the rights to deny the access to anybody that has violated any of the Terms of Use.

Products and Services for Personal Use

The products and service described in the website, and any sample of these that we may offer, are strictly for personal use. You may not sell, or cannot resell any of the samples that you receive by us. We reserve the right, without previous warning, to cancel any of these products or services if we believe a violation of the Terms of Rights might occur.

The Accuracy and Precision of the Information

It is presumed that the description of our products is the most accurate possible.
However, to the extent permitted by applicable by law, we do not warrant that the product descriptions, colors, information or any other content available in the website is completely precise, reliable, updated or error free.

Product Delivery

Nerio Camargo delivers products only in the territory of the United States . The products bought will be shipped by private mail and will be sent to the address predefined by the User in the moment of registry. The shipping cost will be indicated when making the checkout. Nerio Camargo may use a third party for the delivery of the product; by no means will they be responsible for the third parties or the User. Nerio Camargo will commit to deliver a product in maximum time of twelve (12) days after the confirmation of your payment, excluding eventual specific details for each product. In case of a delay, this circumstance will not allow any unsubstantiated complain and the website will commit to deliver the product if there are any possibilities of doing so.

If by any motive not directly attributable to Nerio Camargo, the product has been shipped and the payment has not been correctly carried out, Nerio Camargo reserves the right to annul the contract of purchase. Therefore, the User loses the right of acquiring the product. The delivery will be paid by done by expenditures in charge of the Client, carried out that the circumstances imply free shipping.

Intellectual Property Rights

All information and content available on the website, as the appreciation (“look” and “feel”) of the same, including branding, texts, graphs, icons, images, sound, music, data and software compilation, is property of Nerio Camargo and is protected by the Venezuelan law and it also includes the copyright and trademark laws.

The content or any portion of the website may not be used, reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, entered, modified or exploited in any way for any purpose without previous consent expressed in writing.

Limited Licenses

We give a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to enter and make persona use of our website. This license does not include the right to: (a) to frame or use framing techniques to attach the website or any part of it; (b) republish, redistribute, sell, license, download the website in part or fully (excluding any cache necessary for the viewing of the website); (c) use the website or part of it for any non-personal use; (d) modify, reengineer, or create any work derived from the website or part of it; (e) utilize account information for personal or third party benefit; (f) use any html label (meta tags) or any text hidden in part of the Content or (g) use software robots, spiders, crawlers, or any similar tool to obtain and extract data, or do any change that might imply an excessive and unreasonable load to the infrastructure. You must maintain, without any modification, all proprietary notices in the website or those attached to this website or a part of it.

Likewise, we give a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to create hyperlinks to the main website, for strict personal noncommercial use. Another website that links our website might (i) link but not duplicate part or all of the Content; (ii) may not give for granted that we are being sponsors of their products and services; (iii) may not misrepresent the relationship between us; (iv) its content must not be unpleasant, obscene, offensive, controversial, illegal or inappropriate to people of any age; (v) may not represent us or our products and services in a false, deceitful, contemptuous, or any offensive or questionable way, or may not associate us to products, services or undesired opinions and (vi) you may not link any other page that is not the main website. It will be under our discretion, to solicit that you eliminate any hyperlink to the website, and once received such solicitation, you must immediately eliminate such hyperlink y cease future links, unless you are explicitly authorized by us in writing to continue the hyperlinks to the website.

User Obligations and Responsabilities

While accessing or using this website, you must follow these Terms of Use, any special warnings or instructions for the access and use that are published in the website. You must always act according to the law, good manners and good faith. You may not change or alter the website or any of its content or services offered by the website, and you may not jeopardize in any way, the integrity or operation of the website. Without detriment of the generalities of the provisions of these Terms of Use, if you infringe negligibly or intentionally any of the obligations foreseen in these Terms of Use, you will be responsible for all damages and losses that this action might affect Nerio Camargo.

User Account

If you are over 18 years old, you may opt to register in our website. Do not register if you are not older than 18 years old. If you are over 18 and you register in our website, you will get an email and password assigned to your account. You are responsible of maintaining the confidentiality of your account, user and password, and restrict the access in your computer. You are responsible of maintaining such information up-to-date, complete, exact and honest. If you are entering and using the website in name of someone else, you are representing that you have the authority oblige the third party regarding all of the Terms of Use foreseen; if you do not own such authority, you are accepting to comply to the Terms of Use and accept the responsibility derived from any harm done for the inappropriate use of the website or its content.

Special Characteristics, Offers, Functions and Events

The website may offer certain special characteristics and functions or events (such as contests, offers, polls, or any other promotion) that might (a) be object to the conditions of use, norms or policies, beside these Terms of Use; and (b) be offered by us or by a third party. In this case, we will notify and you must decide if you will benefit with these promotions, effects and you will be under additional terms of use, norms and/or policies.

Price, terms of payment and merchandise

The sale of products or services to the client will be done according to the price and terms offered in each case.

The expenses and taxes that might occur in each occasion are the responsibility of the client, whose payment will correspond.

Nerio Camargo, reserves the right to modify the price of the articles in agreement of the market’s condition during the delivery date.

The payment will be done before the delivery of the product or the supply of service, or when convened in writing, during the 24 hours of the confirmation of the order. Nerio Camargo might suspend the delivery of the products until the full payment is received.

Nerio Camargo guarantees the existence of all the products it offers as available for immediate sale. In exceptional cases, when the providers do not have in stock the merchandise that the client has PAID FOR or ORDERED, or that the products suffer from an unforeseen event (mishandling, moisture, loss, robbery, etc.) and therefore does not receive the client’s approval, Nero Camargo will contact the client as soon as possible to contact the client by phone or email and offer him similar products of the same or greater value to guarantee a satisfactory solution and resolve the necessity in an expedite and responsible manner.

The sale of products will not be done until Nerio Camargo has not successfully registered the payment. In case of not succeeding in the first attempt (for example that the indicated account does not exist, insufficient funds, erroneous credit card number or that there is no credit) the sales won’t be done.

Waivers / Returns

There will be no money refunds. The sent back products due to flaws or poor quality will be replaced by new products in a perfect shape. Once the purchase order has been done, it may not be cancelled by any means.

The user has the right to claim the bad state or any defects in the received article or in the reception of a product that does not coincide with the specificities of the article bought. The claim of these types of incidents must be done during 3 working days after the reception of the article at the user’s address via a contact form. 

In case that the article presents any defects caused by an inappropriate use of the same, the return will not be applicable.

Copyright infringement claims

We respect the intellectual property of third parties. If you consider that copyrighted materials have been plagiarized in such way that might constitute an infraction, please send us an email.


You recognize and accept that these Terms and Conditions constitute a complete and exclusive agreement regarding the use of the website and that they substitute and regulate all previous proposals, agreements or any other communications.

We reserve the right, under our discretion, to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by publishing in our Websites the changes and thereby notifying such changes. The changes are effective immediately after they are published in the website and notified. Your continuous use of the website since then constitutes and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions that have been changed. Likewise, we can without previous notice, end any conceded right through these Terms and Conditions.